Investment Management

Our experienced investment managers will collaborate with you to construct a personalized investment portfolio that aligns with your future objectives, regardless of your level of experience in investing.

Customized Portfolios

We ensure that your investments align with your overall comprehensive plan, including your time horizon, feelings about risk, and tax considerations.

Your Investment Team

When you outsource portfolio construction to Johnson Financial, your requirements will guide the long-term success of our partnership. Our team is committed to bringing you the full resources of our firm. 

Flexibilty and Tax Efficiency

Readily accessibility to capital is a critical part of any portfolio. We will ensure you have the liquidity for your needs. We will also seek out tax efficiencies available within the portfolio. 

Providing Solutions

We provide you with a wide variety of investment options that align with your goals. We always act in your best interests, which means your goals drive your investments.


Individual Planning

Your business is part of your individual financial plan – and a key asset in your life.

Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Our portfolio construction is based on technical trends and indicators and quantitative metrics. 

Tax Efficiency

Incorporating strategies such as tax-loss harvesting, selecting income-producing assets, or tax saving vehicles.

Succession Planning

Understanding what happens to your business when you’re gone is vital to financial planning.

Investment Policy Statements

As part of your experience with JFA to align your investing expectations with your portfolio, you'll complete an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), a written document outlining an investor's goals, risk tolerance, investment strategy, and procedures for monitoring and evaluating portfolio performance. It helps to maintain a disciplined and consistent approach to investment management.

Your portfolio solution

Our investment portfolio selection combines a diverse range of assets including ETFs, mutual funds, stocks, and individual bonds. Our approach is designed to provide our clients with a well-balanced investment strategy that takes into account their unique financial goals and risk tolerance. We carefully evaluate each investment option to ensure that it aligns with our clients' needs and objectives.


Financial Advice For

All of your investments

These include individual, joint, retirement, and trust accounts for clients who want to invest in stocks, bonds, and other securities, save for retirement, or manage their wealth for future generations or charitable causes.

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