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Maximizing Your Employee Benefits

If you’re among the 49 percent of Americans who receive employer-sponsored health care coverage, you may have already received information on your company’s open enrollment....
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Long Term Care Awareness

Since 2001, November has been designated Long Term Care Awareness Month, a time to educate Americans on the growing need for long term care (LTC)...
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Recognizing Family Caregivers

November has been named National Family Caregivers Month to honor parents, adult children, and spouses who selflessly care for loved ones afflicted with illnesses, disabilities,...
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Future Retirees Face New Challenges

Preparing for retirement is more complex than it used to be for obvious and not-so-obvious reasons. The most obvious is longer lifespans. Thanks to improved...
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Estate Planning Myths

October 19-25 has been named National Estate Planning Awareness Week, an observance that reminds the public how important estate planning is to financial wellness. Unfortunately,...
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Medicare Open Enrollment

Medicare’s annual open enrollment period begins October 15 and ends December 7. During this time, Medicare beneficiaries can change their drug plan or Advantage plan...
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It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month

The pandemic has made many of us especially grateful for the internet, which makes it possible to work from home, shop online, attend religious services...
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Women’s Retirement Challenges

Although the pandemic has made financial disparities between men and women more pronounced, women have long faced greater challenges in retirement than men, for multiple...
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When You Inherit an IRA

When you lose a loved one, your first thoughts won’t be about what to do with their IRA. But if you’re a beneficiary, it is...
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