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Buying a Home

Owning a home has always been part of “the American Dream.” But the recent real estate downturn (actually a “depression” here in Arizona) has reminded...
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Starting a Family

Each of us can find joy in life—but how sweet it is when we can experience life’s journey with someone we love.  If you have...
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Beginning a Career

Congratulations on beginning your career!  Although you may now be making more money than ever before, you have probably realized it is not nearly enough...
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The Value of a Financial Advisor

Financial planning is a collaborative relationship where both the client and the advisor work together. As financial planners, Phil and Marcus help individuals and families...
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Why Work Past 65?

More and more seniors are opting to work past 65. Recent data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics show that nearly one-fifth of people...
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Avoid Missteps after death of a Spouse

One of the most painful crises we will ever face is the loss of a spouse. If you are grieving, it is difficult to think...
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Aspiring Adults Adrift

In 2011, sociology professors Richard Arum from New York University and Josipa Roksa fromthe University of Virginia published a book titled, “Academically Adrift.” In it,...
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You may live longer than you think

Many of my ancestors have lived long, active lives. My paternal grandmother lived into her nineties in a small town in southern Arizona. Even during...
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Working Hard to achieve “Middle-Class”

Although most of my clients are at or near retirement, one of their greatest challenges is helping friends and family who are working to get...
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