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Leaving a Legacy

We work so hard to build a life, but do we give thought to what we will leave behind when we are gone? Author Stephen R. Covey notes that there is a real human need “to learn, to live, to love, and to leave a legacy.” The need to leave a legacy is our spiritual need to know that our lives had meaning.

We encourage our clients to think about what is important to them and what legacy they would like to leave to their children and grandchildren, and even generations beyond. Some ideas include:

  • An example of community service.
  • Funding for college tuition for grandchildren
  • A special trust established for a specific person or cause
  • A perpetual scholarship established at your alma mater
  • A donation while living, or at your death, to a charity
  • Family records and geneaology
  • Your written life story with photos
  • A letter to your heirs sharing your core values

Our job is to help you put your ideas into action. We can help you identify those things that you would like to be part of your legacy and bring in specialists as needed to make sure your wishes become reality. Contact Lynn Johnson, CFP at 602-242-4000 if you would like to learn more about legacy planning.

Financial planning is an evolving plan that changes as you grow in your career path and move on in your life stages, it is a plan that needs to be reviewed as the circumstances changes for example getting married, buying a house and raising a family.

As your life goals and financial status changes you will need to review your financial plans to see if you will achieve your financial goals within the given time line. Give Johnson Financial Advisors a call and we would love to help you 602-242-4000.