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Life Stages and Transitions

Retirement Management Scottsdale, AZ

Ending Life on a Sweet Note

Phyllis Johnson (Phil’s mom and Marcus’ grandmother) passed away on October 17, 2017, at the age of 92.  She was ...
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CFP Tempe AZ

Leaving a Legacy

We work so hard to build a life, but do we give thought to what we will leave behind when ...
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Portfolio Management Ahwatukee

Preparing for Illness or Injury

No one can plan for every variable in life, but a key part of financial planning is to build a ...
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Portfolio Management Ahwatukee

Entering Retirement

At JFA, retirement is our specialty! Over the years, we’ve helped over 800 clients navigate the maze of decisions that ...
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Financial Advisor Tempe, AZ

Preparing for Retirement

From their mid-fifties and up, many individuals become increasingly concerned about retirement. “Will I have enough savings?” “Can I take ...
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