The Value of a Financial Advisor

Financial planning is a collaborative relationship where both the client and the advisor work together. As financial planners, Phil and Marcus help individuals and families identify their objectives, define their dreams, develop a plan to help them get there, and then track their progress along the way. Not only are they a “financial coaches,” but they work with other specialists as needed to make sure that all financial areas are coordinated and monitored.

Working with an advisor may help you:

  • Avoid costly mistakes when selecting investments, considering loans, or making any significant financial decisions.
  • Help you work towards goals such as college educations for children and grandchildren, support for charitable organizations, etc.
  • Create a specific plan of action to fund your retirement and ensure you don’t outlive your money.
  • Assess your needs such as insurance, reducing your taxes, and making sure you have the proper estate planning tools in place.

Responsibilities of the Client

  • Provide honest and complete data.
  • Consider goals and prioritize them.
  • Commit to a financial plan of action.
  • Carefully read all contracts and statements.
  • Understand that all investments involve risk.
  • Report changes in your personal situation to your advisor.
  • Review with your advisor on an annual (or as needed) basis.

Responsibilities of the Advisor

  • Assess all data to know a client’s situation.
  • Determine the risk tolerance of a client.
  • Protect and secure all client information.
  • Disclose all fees for services.
  • Help client have realistic expectations.
  • Make recommendations based on client’s needs and objectives.
  • Execute transactions in a timely fashion.
  • Clearly communicate with the client.