Where do markets go from here?

The world is full of uncertainty and volatility, and nowhere is that more evident than in financial markets. The past few years have been marked by significant market swings, fueled by a variety of factors ranging from global economic conditions to geopolitical events. Against this backdrop, investors are left wondering where markets will go from…

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What if I get Audited by the IRS?

Audits by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are dreaded by taxpayers. The fear of an audit often stems from the misconception that the IRS conducts them frequently and that they are always punitive. However, the reality is that audits are rare, and they don’t always result in penalties. The IRS selects returns for audit using…

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Serving as an executor of an estate

Serving as an executor of an estate can be a complex and overwhelming responsibility, but with the right guidance, it can also be a rewarding experience. The role of an executor is to manage and distribute the assets of a deceased person, known as the “decedent,” according to their will. In this article, we’ll outline…

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Should I buy or lease a car?

The automotive industry has faced numerous challenges in recent years, including the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical tensions such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the growing popularity of electric vehicles, and fluctuating metal prices. As a result, financial planners are frequently asked by clients whether they should purchase a car through a loan or…

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Where to Park Your Cash

The Advantages of Yields from Money Market Funds, Short-Term Bond Funds, and Treasury Securities We understand the importance of maximizing the yield on your cash holdings. While traditional savings accounts may provide a small amount of interest, they often fail to keep pace with inflation and do not provide the flexibility to invest in other…

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Financial Advisors in Phoenix, Arizona

As the economic landscape continues to evolve, more and more people in Phoenix are turning to financial advisors for help in managing their finances. If you are one of them, you may be wondering where to start your search for a financial advisor. Choosing the best financial advisor can be an overwhelming process. According to…

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